The Adventure Trail Kit

Training Wheels Gear

$ 250.00 

Inside you’ll find a collection of useful resources, including: Find Something To Do (a no-prop activity book), a FSTD bandana (as a memory-jogger of no-prop activities), Rope Games (a second resource book filled with rope/string/webbing group activities),
The Dutchman’s Rope (a third book, with community building activities), The T&T
International Edition (a fourth book, with teambuilding activities translated into 16 different languages), a deck of T&T Training Cards, 1 Bull Ring (a ball transport device), 1 Peteca (a unique warm-up activity), 1 debriefing clicker (for the virtual slideshow), 2 Raccoon Circles (in multiple segments, for many activities), 1 short rope (for team activities), 5 dice (for Polar Bears and Iceholes and The Ship, The Captain, The Crew
and the Cargo), 3 rope circles (for teaching the TGR model and the comfort zone model), 12 lycra blindfolds (for trust building and exploring the natural world), 1 mini-sport ball (for Bull Ring and as a reviewing tool), and one high-quality pack for you to take only what is needed for your Adventure Trail expedition. There is also one Adventure Trail patch (inside the pack) for you to sew onto the pack (if you wish), so others don’t mistake the pack for a first aid kit.