Community Puzzle

The Community Puzzle consists of large universal blank puzzle pieces that fit together in any order. The beauty of the pieces being identical allows the puzzles to be used in very creative ways! The puzzles are excellent as corporate "ice breakers", team building, fund raisers, weddings and more! For a more complete list of uses please visit the Idea Page.

The puzzle pieces have a semi-gloss surface. They are perfect for hand decorating with rubber stamps, ink pens, paint, glitter and other artistic mediums. The puzzles are just like regular commercially printed jigsaw puzzles, only white.

Each Community Puzzle Set has twenty four large 4 x 4 center pieces and twenty four smaller 2 x 4 border pieces with forty eight pieces total. One completed puzzle set measures 20" x 28"... put together as many sets as you want to make your puzzle a large as you need. The largest puzzle ever made (that we know of!) was 16,000 pieces!