Teamplay Tubes

Training Wheels Gear

$ 64.99 


This is one of our favorites. A collection of PVC tubing and connectors that can be used for nearly 2 dozen activities that promote teamwork, creativity, communication, problem solving, decision making, and skill building. This is a very versatile training tool that will challenge any group. We recommend one set for every 5-8 participants.

Here are a few of the activities you can do with this set:

X Marks the Spot!—Using as many parts as necessary, create a continuous connection between each of the X’s marked with masking tape on the floor, walls, or even the ceiling. For added complexity, the pvc tubing may only touch the floor at the X’s.

Blind Artist—have one team assemble about 15 pieces of their kit into some shape, and then have another group (wearing blindfolds) attempt to reconstruct a similar shape with their own pieces, using only their sense of touch to identify which pieces have been used in the original design.

Tallest Tower—Using any 10 (or 20 or 30 pieces) create the tallest tower possible, with only 3 points of contact with the floor. If you are limited by vertical ceiling height, require each tower to hold something (like a roll of duct tape) at the top. This added weight will require a shorter, stronger tower. For a final test of the engineering of this tower, us an electric room fan to see which towers can hold up to a strong wind.


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