Mousetrap Trust Sequence Activity

Training Wheels Gear

$ 79.99 

The Mousetrap Trust Sequence has become one of Training Wheels favorite activities to use with groups working on Trust and defining shared communication. Trust is not easy to build but only takes a second to lose. This activity invites participants into a sequences journey with a partner to develop communication, action/reaction support, which identifies behaviors which can affect the trust in a work place. There is potential to reach the same level of anxiety some participants may experience if they were asked to complete a trust fall or leap of faith element but with less physical and mental risk.

Mouse Traps have long been used to catch rodents and other small animals. They have most recently been used to illustrate inventiveness and risk taking in the areas of trust and communication. The mouse traps for this activity set are used as tools to illuminate thoughts and feelings that lead to certain behaviors.

This activity set comes with 50 mouse traps in a mesh stuff sack. Standard Set includes instructions on 3-5 activities from the book Raptor and Other Team Building Activities by Sam Sikes. Deluxe Set includes the full Paperback book: Raptor by Sam Sikes.