Portable Spider Web/Bungee Box

Training Wheels Gear

$ 499.99 


This creative kit of PVC pipe and gadgets has around 13 activities that you can use with your groups. Activities range from openers to hard problem solvers. Props include: 8-2.5 foot Arms, 8-45degree couplings, 8 straight couplings, 4 quick links, 8 T couplings, 8 17" legs, 8-12" legs, 4-15" legs, 2-35' x 7/64" Bungee Cords, a sturdy Duffle Bag on Wheels, 1-35' rope, 1 Bull Ring, 1 large ball, 20 marbles, 10 plastic cups, 8 S-hooks, 1 black ball stand, clothespins, a small Set-Up Activity booklet and a copy of the book, Portable Teambuilding Activities.

Our Basic White option is standard plumbing-grade PVC.  Our Colored options are high-quality, durable furniture-grade PVC that comes at a higher price point.  

Some of the Organizations that have and recommend our Spider Web Kit:
-Mills County Extension Service
-Gasconade Middle School
-Aurora University
-Northwest Missouri State University
-Beyond the Limits
-Nooksack Valley Middle School

Here is a testimonial from one of our customers:

"I am very pleased with the bungee box kit. I bought it for the camp I work at Camp Moshava in Honesdale PA. The first week of camp was raining buckets and we were able to work with eighty kids at a time using the different activities in the kit and all indoors. Not only were the campers engaged but the staff was working as well rather than being bored when it rains and we can't go out on the ropes course. Thank you for putting this wonderful resource together!"

~Hadassa Meller, Camp Moshava

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