Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Training Wheels Gear

$ 3,750.00 


Do you have a virtual event coming up that needs to be educational, engaging and FUN?  At Training Wheels, we can build out a custom Virtual Scavenger Hunt for your event.  We can customize the theme, clues and locations unique to your group.  

If a fully customized event is a little out of your budget, we also have ready-to-roll Themed Scavenger Hunts you and your team could participate in.

Included in each scavenger hunt are Icebreaker activities where they can come up with a Team Name and answer icebreaker questions.   Team Challenges can include puzzle and ciphers that send them searching the internet for specific locations.

We also like to incorporate Creative Challenges midway through the scavenger hunt for a few reasons:  one, it gets people up and moving so they are not sitting for an entire hour.  Two, the photos make great mementos from the event!  These will be compiled and sent to you afterwards.

Prices vary depending on the complexity of your Scavenger Hunt.  Please email us at for pricing and availability.