New Games Training With Dale LeFevre!

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Training Wheels is excited to host Dale LeFevre for  New Games Workshop on September 25, 2023.

Time: 9:00-4:30

Location: Hampton Inn & Suites, Littleton

Learn New Games by playing them!
Learn how to lead New Games and when to use which ones.

New Games are (physical) cooperative games in which everybody wins.

Photo:  Game of “People to People” during workshop in Erfurt, Germany

Rediscover play! New Games are simply fun, so expect days of enjoying playful interaction with peers of all ages, sizes, abilities, and genders, no one is left out.

You will learn the games by playing them and how to lead them with your group. Get yourself a secret superpower, the ability to lead group games for fun and friendship.

Leading New Games is different from leading traditional sport or recreation. You will learn the difference by seeing and experiencing it yourself and by discussing it.
You will even learn how to create your own New Games! The workshop is very hands-on. You’ll play the games and get debriefing points right from Dale.

Dale Le Fevre presenting New Games during a workshop in Erfurt, Germany

Workshop leader Dale Le Fevre is one of the originators of New Games and has been a New Games teacher since 1975, teaching over 1000 courses in 34 countries. He is the author of 3 New Games books, and has produced 5 related streaming videos/DVDs.

Over 30 New Games will be taught (15+ in one day of a workshop). Appropriate and adaptable for any age, subject area, or work situation. New Games, sometimes with adaptation, can be used to teach subject matter. They can be used as energizers to pick a group up when the energy is flagging.

The games are excellent for use as ice breakers – they can make a collection of individuals feel like a cohesive group.

Finally, If the group would like, we can explore how the games can be used for deeper work, such as improving communication, conflict resolution, and team building.

Workshop sizes are limited and are expected to sell out so to ensure your ticket, book it now.


Training Venue:

Hampton Inn & Suites

7611 Shaffer Pkwy

Littleton, CO 80127