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Group Experience & Facilitation Workshops

Have you ever thought about bringing Michelle Cummings out for a full day of training with your organization?  Michelle can travel to your location and equip your staff with the right tips and tools to help make them better facilitators.  Below is a list of several workshop options.  Choose one or a combination of several.

Possible Workshop options:


Session Title:  Effective Debriefing Tools and Techniques

Workshop description:  Are you good at the games but not so good at the debrief?  Do you ask questions and get blank stares from your participants? This workshop will focus on 10+ effective debriefing tools that are simple and easy to use. We will discuss 5 different techniques for processing to help liven up your debriefing circles.

Debriefing is a term used in experiential education to describe a question and answer session with participants.  These talking sessions are generally thought to be a ‘sit down’ circle where the Facilitator asks questions and the participants answer.  Although this can be an effective debriefing technique, if it is the only technique used, participants can become bored with it and can become easily distracted.

Debriefing an experience helps participants connect lessons and activities they learned in a workshop or program to the outside world.  It is a very important piece of experiential education and learning as a whole.  If participants are not allowed to reflect on their experiences and relate them to the outside world, then a lot of the learning may be lost.  So including debriefing is really valuable after powerful experiences in your program.  And mixing up your debriefing activities will keep participants engaged in what they are learning and allow you to create more teachable moments.


Session Title:  Awesome Icebreakers and Energizers

This high-energy, hands-on workshop will teach participants how to play some of the industry’s best icebreakers.  Kick off day one with some fun!  Ice breakers and energizers need not be just fillers or boredom-breakers; when used effectively, they too can be directly tied to leadership objectives and markedly advance the transfer of learning to the real world. 

  • Learn 10 Icebreakers you can utilize right away.
  • Each participant will receive a detailed handout with write-ups for each of the activities presented.
  • Enhance the participant experience by learning new ways to get to know their fellow participants.


Session Title:  10 Ways to Rock, Paper, Scissors

Workshop Description:  How do you Rock, Paper, Scissors?  Want to learn 10 new ways to RPS?  Find your fun self at this creative workshop.  Traditional Rock, Paper Scissors is played where two players substitute the three elements of Rock, Paper, and Scissors with representative hand signals.  Experience RPS in ways you’ve never thought of!  Rock, Paper Scissors baseball?  You bet.  Championship RPS?  Bring it on.  Gather your friends, prepare your strategies, and ready your most intimidating outfits—it’s time once again for a new workshop by Michelle Cummings.  Gather for the ‘dance of hands’ and go home with 10 new ways to play the most universal form of hand-to-hand combat.  Let’s Rock…


Session Title:  Conflict Resolution and Bullying Prevention Activities

This workshop is based on the book, Setting the Conflict Compass.  It is an engaging, highly interactive program focused on conflict resolution and bully prevention. You will leave with a variety of tools and techniques for dealing with conflict, bullying and discipline issues. Apply your learning immediately to help your participants understand that through collaboration, encouragement, and an appreciation of differences in one another’s lives we can defuse tense situations and de-escalate conflict.


Session Title:  Playing with a Full Deck, Games and Initiatives using a Deck of Cards!

This workshop will be based on the book, Playing With a  Full Deck, 52 Team Activities Using a Deck of Cards, by Michelle Cummings.  Sometimes the simplest prop can be the best item in your bag of tricks.  This workshop will be jam packed with over 10 of the best experiential activities out there using a simple deck of playing cards.  All activities will be hands on and active.  Using the philosophies of learning styles and multiple intelligences, the workshop will include activities that tap into each learning style of the participants you will encounter in your practice.  Activities will range in style from diversity, icebreakers, problem solving, communication, debriefing, and social norms.  Come prepared to play a lot and learn even more.  Jokers welcome. 


Session Title:  Low Prop to No Prop Teambuilding activities!
Come prepared to play and learn a ton (10 or more!) of interactive games in this action packed workshop. The activities are adventure based and suitable to share with groups ages 12 and above and group sizes of 4 to 50+ players. All of the activities presented require no props at all. Michelle will present a new version of Simon Says that will have you hooked from the first command.

Ice-Breakers to Problem Solving activities will be covered as well as various ways to use the activities to suit the different skill levels you might encounter with your groups. This workshop is loaded with useful ideas and resources you can utilize right away. Comfortable attire and a smile are all you need to wear for this fun filled workshop.


Session Title:  Got Tossables?  10 Team Building Games Using Tossable Props You Already Have

Learn new games with props you already have! The activities in this workshop are team based and suitable for groups ages 12 and above and group sizes of 4 to 50+ players. All of the activities presented are portable in nature requiring Tossables or items you already have. This workshop is loaded with useful ideas and resources you can utilize right away.


Session Title:  Simon Says as a Teaching Tool:  This workshop will teach you the nuts and bolts of how to deliver a new version of Simon Says.  It will have you hooked from the first command!  The traditional version of Simon Says eliminates participants when they make a mistake.  This new version allows participants to learn from their mistakes and stay in the game—a win-win for everyone!  Come prepared to play the game, then break it down and learn how to lead it yourself.  Simon Says come to this workshop!  



One-day training for up to 30 participants is priced at $4950 which includes travel expenses within the lower 48 states in the USA.  A two-day training is priced at $8950.  If you have more than 30 participants please email or call for more information.  

For Alaska, Hawaii, or international training, or to request your desired training date, please email