Teambuilding Kit Training

Training Wheels Gear

$ 4,000.00 


Have you purchased one of our Training Kits and would like a Training Wheels staff member to teach you how to facilitate the activities in the Kit?  Our Train the Trainer program is a perfect fit for you.  

The Teambuilding Kit Training is designed to teach your team the fundamentals of facilitating and how to use the activities in your bag. Experiential teaching methods are implemented during the training.  Join Training Wheels staff and your teammates for a training that will be like none other you have participated in.  This experience creates the foundational skills necessary for facilitators to create and deliver team development programs for others.  The activities in your kit can help transform the way a team communicates, makes decisions, recognizes conflicts and solves problems. Below are some of the objectives that we will touch upon during your training:

Learning Objectives: 

  • Set up and participate in several of the activities that are included in your teambuilding kit.
  • Create an environment where each team member’s voice, ideas and questions are heard and valued.
  • Practice with the props in each bag so staff are familiar with each activity.
  • Talk about the process of effective sequencing of activities. 
  • Learn basic processing skills to effectively debrief the activities in the kit.

A one-day training for up to 20 participants is usually sufficient for the Basics Bag and is priced at $4000 plus reasonable travel expenses.  A two-day training is recommended for the Challenger and Ultimate Kits and is priced at $8000.  

Reasonable Travel expenses to be billed separately.  Please email to request your desired training date.