Training Wheels Gear

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Webmaster™ is an apparently simple task that makes great demands on team-work!

The team members are required to work out how to assemble a set of different metal and rope components to make a 'web' which is identical to the black and white design pattern they have received. There is only one answer to the problem and this has to be established through a process of logic and some trial and error. Detailed planning at this stage is ineffective as the theories must be tested in practice at an early stage. Once the assembly is complete, the team must develop and rehearse a strategy for taking the web to pieces and re-building it accurately against the clock. As the pieces cannot be marked or pre-sorted they need a well-developed plan for identifying components and using manpower efficiently if they are to succeed.

The resources included in this toolbox enable you to work with large groups, up to 30 people at a time.

The web construction is divided into three sections, allowing 3 separate groups to work together or independently on sections of the construction.

The exercise is highly flexible and allows the facilitator to vary many aspects, including the amount of information supplied, the time available, and the constraints under which the whole group works, in order to achieve different learning objectives.

Additional elements, such as a budget or a system of penalties, may be introduced at the facilitator's discretion.

All the individuals involved in the task must be sure of their own role and position during the final assembly phase. This requires a clear and agreed strategy and a well-rehearsed plan. This makes this an excellent exercise for developing supervisory and team leadership skills, including time and resource planning. Opportunities for rehearsal and performance improvement reflect real life projects in which task 'delivery', to deadlines, is essential for success.