Training Wheels Gear

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COLOURBLIND® was developed in 1991 when Geoff Cox was asked to design and deliver the first week of an induction training programme for Air Traffic Control cadets. The young people involved came from a range of backgrounds: direct from school or university, from business and industry, from air traffic control in the Armed Forces. Each had to face an intensive, demanding training programme in which teamwork and communication would be fundamental to success. Each, ultimately, would accept professional responsibilities which allow absolutely no margin for communication error, misunderstanding or ambiguity.

COLOURBLIND® enabled participants to rehearse every communication skill which Air Traffic Controllers need and to highlight the problems and pitfalls which communication breakdown inevitably brings.

COLOURBLIND® develops skills required by every individual in a business. As participants work through the exercise they refine skills that will help them to save time, effort and money by ensuring common understanding between people involved in projects. The emphasis on checking and feedback are vital to those involved in teaching, instructing or delegating responsibility.

The exercise also demonstrates how communication breaks down in particular groups or teams, enabling them to identify their own specific problems so that they can correct them together.

There are 5 colors used in Colourblind (30 pieces) and we supply 12 blindfolds in each set, plus activity instructions.