The Chiji Guidebook

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“The Chiji Guidebook is the official companion to the popular facilitation tool, Chiji Cards.”

This book is an instructional guide describing some of the different ways Chiji Cards can be used to facilitate key moments during group experiences. This guidebook gives a simple, straightforward explanation of the processing theory that coincides with the original use of Chiji Cards, and it provides a rationale for when to use one processing technique over another.

The Activity Guide Section of the book presents 25 different ways to use Chiji Cards. The activities are divided into six chapters—Processing Activities, Getting-To-Know-You, Frontloading Activities, Object Lessons, Initiative Activities, and Fun With Chiji Cards. Most of the activities we have developed ourselves, but several come directly from other experiential educators who have shared their uses of the cards with us.

Chiji Cards
What are Chiji Cards? Chiji Cards are a deck of 48 cards with pictures originally designed to spark/enhance discussion during a processing session. When a facilitator asks the group a question, each person chooses a card that symbolizes his or her answer to the question. The images on the cards are used as prompts to help individuals organize their thinking. Rather than having to pull an answer to a question out of thin air, the pictures provide a starting point from which to formulate a response. Chiji Processing Cards were developed by the staff Steven Simpson, Buzz Bocher, & Dan Miller at the Institute for Experiential Education ( and are available from many experiential education equipment providers.

ISBN: 978-1-885473-84-4
SIZE: 6 x 9