Setting the Conflict Compass

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Experiential Activities for Conflict Resolution and Prevention

By Michelle Cummings, with Mike Anderson

This book is the fourth publication by Training Wheels founder, Michelle Cummings. It is a nice collection of experiential, hands-on activities that help address the issues of Conflict Resolution, Prevention and Diversity.

From the forward: "A compass can be used in many ways, from telling which way is North, to finding hidden treasure to following an unmarked path over wilderness terrain. In any conflict, you have to get your bearings on what happened. This helps you best determine how to resolve the issue. Conflict is inevitable, and despite how many of us feel about it, conflict is not always a bad thing. People have varying degrees of comfort with conflict as well. Some thrive in it, some prefer avoiding it at all costs. Conflict is neither good nor bad; it is simply a predictable occurrence within any relationship or team. Dealing with conflict is critical to success in all areas of your life. Learning how to manage and resolve conflict is to your benefit. Another key component of conflict is to understand that no two conflict situations will be identical. This in itself makes dealing with conflict more difficult.

The activities in this book will help participants become aware of how they perceive and handle conflict. There will be suggestions and strategies for dealing with conflict as well. It will also remind individuals to think of the perspective of others. This will be achieved while gaining tools and techniques for increased collaboration, resolving disputes, and ultimately finding win/win resolutions to workplace and classroom conflicts."

Part 1 Compass Basics: What is Conflict?
Characteristics of a Compass, Characteristics of Conflict
Compass Parts and How they Relate to Conflict

Part 2 The Importance of Processing and Debriefing

Part 3 Quotes on Conflict

Part 4 Conflict in Corporate Environments
Activities Section, Experiential Activities for Conflict Resolution & Prevention

Part 5 Conflict in Youth Environments
Sample 8 week Sequence for Bullying Prevention
Research findings from this 8 week sequence
Bullying Prevention
Best Practices in Bullying Prevention
Activities Section, Experiential Activities for Conflict Resolution & Prevention

Part 6 References and Suggested Readings

Published by Kendall Hunt Publishing.