Tabletop Team Building Kit

Training Wheels Gear

$ 3,399.99 


The Tabletop Team Building Kit is an ideal kit for programs in a confined space with small groups.  There is enough equipment for small groups of 4-5 people per activity up to a maximum group size of 30 participants. 

20 activity bags  that provide the right combination for a wide variety of games and initiatives suitable for groups ranging from youth to corporate programs.

Activities include:

  • Stack the Deck Cards
  • Arrowhead Puzzles
  • Mousetraps
  • Bull Ring Cup Stack
  • Nail It
  • Multiple Wheelie Card Sets
  • CrowdCubes
  • Tabletop Bridge
  • Tabletop Comfort Zone
  • Thumball Set (includes 7 Thumball Designs)
  • Processing Gears
  • Anchor Piece Postcards
  • Pocket Processor
  • Zoom
  • CrowdWords
  • SciFi Tube
  • The Other Side
  • Body Part Deluxe
  • Word Circle Puzzles
  • Get 20
  • Tabletop Labyrinth
  • Facilitator Manuals
  • Large Rolling Duffel

Publications:  Facilitator Manual, CrowdWords, Raptor

The Tabletop Team Building Kit provides fun energizers, icebreakers and tough problem solving initiatives for any group. Take the activities to the next level with engaging and effective processing and debriefing activities.

Note: This item can take up to 3 business days to build before shipping. Please allot enough time to receive this item.  If you have questions please call us at 888.553.0147