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75 Activities for Teaching, Training, Teambuilding, Group Facilitation, and Staff Development

by Jim Cain

In this collection of print-and-play activities, teambuilding guru Jim Cain shares his favorite group activities that you can facilitate simply by photocopying pages from this book or by downloading free digital copies (via enclosed QR codes) from the Teamwork & Teamplay website.

Each activity description includes helpful instructions for successful facilitation, photographs of audiences using these activities, reviewing techniques, and high-quality ready-to-copy activity illustrations.

No longer will you have to purchase large quantities of teambuilding props and training supplies to present a successful program. With this book, you’ll be able to photocopy or print a wide variety of activities that in-person, virtual, and hybrid/blended audiences will remember long after the program has ended.

Activities for In-Person, Virtual, and Hybrid Audiences


SKU: 9781606796122

Author: Jim Cain

Publisher: Healthy Learning

Length: 204 pages