Metaphor/Feeling Cards

Training Wheels Gear

$ 29.99 

These two sided cards are great for debriefing a group. They have various uses. One side of the card has a metaphoric picture and the other side has a word that describes a feeling.

Metaphor Card uses: Spread the cards out before the group and ask them to choose a card that they can relate their experience with.

Feelings Card uses: Lay the cards out before the group and have them choose a card with a feeling on it that they experienced during the day, program, activity, week, etc.

60 Cards in all, mesh envelope, and directions included.

Here is a testimonial from one of our customers:

"I've been using the metaphor/feelings cards lately and had some really good results with them. They tend to be an effective "icebreaker" when getting to know the members of the group you're working with. I'll have the kids (or adults) pair up after selecting a metaphor card and they will interview each other and ask their partner why they chose the card they did. This might be in the context of what they're feeling that day, the past week, etc. We will then regroup and the interviewer will share what they learned about their partner based on the card their partner selected. This is particularly effective for kids who are hesitant to "open up" or uncomfortable talking in front of a group of people they might not know. The pictures on the cards bring out thoughts and feelings (often in abstract ways) that the kids might not connect with or share on their own. The cards can also represent individual goal setting, what they hope to accomplish that day, etc. They are also an effective closing tool at the end of your program. The feelings cards can be used in similar ways--good to open your program and to go back to at the end of the day to see if certain attitudes and beliefs may have changed as a result of their participation at a ropes course or team building program."

~Skyler Ruggles, Genesee Experiential Outdoor Center, Denver Parks & Recreation