Breakthrough Bricks

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Pre-Order Sale!  Our newest therapeutic tool Breakthrough Bricks are due in mid-July 2024.

Unlock the power of introspection and personal growth with Breakthrough Bricks: Cards for Personal Development. This innovative deck is not just a collection of cards but a transformative journey designed to foster self-discovery and inspire personal breakthroughs. Each card serves as a stepping stone towards greater clarity, motivation, and self-awareness, making it an ideal tool for anyone on the path to building a more fulfilling life.

Therapists, counselors, and experiential facilitators will find Breakthrough Bricks an invaluable addition to their toolkit. These cards are crafted to facilitate deep discussions and insightful reflections, helping clients explore their thoughts and emotions in a structured yet flexible way. The prompts and exercises provided on each card are perfect for one-on-one sessions or group therapy, aiding clients in uncovering and overcoming personal obstacles.

Personal development and life coaches will also benefit greatly from integrating Breakthrough Bricks into their practices. Whether it's used as a daily motivational tool or as part of structured coaching programs, these cards can help clients set clear goals, recognize their own potential, and make meaningful changes. Coaches can guide their clients through each card, creating a personalized experience that supports sustained growth and development.

Ideal for both professional settings and personal use, Breakthrough Bricks is more than just a deck of cards—it's a pathway to a better, more insightful self. Embrace the journey with Breakthrough Bricks and help yourself and others build the life envisioned, one insightful brick at a time.

Key Uses:

  • Personal Development Tool
  • Therapy Card Game
  • Self-Discovery Cards
  • Coaching Aids
  • Reflective Practice Cards
  • Mental Health Resources
  • Growth Mindset Tool
  • Counseling Tools