Funn' N Games

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The material in Funn `n Games represents a compilation and embellishment of notes that Karl has collected over the years about games, initiative problems, trust activities, and adventure stunts that he creates, collects, finds, shares, tweaks, and occasionally purloins. The goal has always been to seek curricular adventure where function is an extension of fun.

Funn `n Games delivers over 300 pages of ideas, notions, and seeds of serendipity that are about to, or have already become, classics in the field of adventure education. If you want theory, buy one of those ominous, dark spine books with few illustrations and even less hands-on activities. But if you want exciting and immediately useable ideas to implement into your adventure based program RIGHT NOW, and a few laughs along the way, Funn `n Games will soon become your favorite "go to" resource.

Author: Karl Rohnke

ISBN: 0-7575-0846-4
Copyright: 2004
Edition: 01
Number of Pages: 330
Binding: Soft Cover