Executive Marbles

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Executive Marbles and Other Team Building Activities by Sam Sikes

This book is one of our favorites as we use several of the activities described on a regular basis in our trainings. It contains complete instructions for a variety of activities to make your training meaningful and fun. The activities come with pictures, diagrams, and a list of materials needed for each event.

A matrix of learning objectives as well as a matrix of group sizes are provided for the activities.

Executive Marbles was written as a continuation of another of Sam's books, Feeding the Zircon Gorilla. It contains mostly new problem-solving activities. A feature added to this book is a chart that identifies the primary issues or concepts that each activity tends to bring out. So if you were looking for activities that focus on leadership for example, it is easy to narrow down your choices by using the chart. There is also a chart of suggested team sizes.

FAQ: What's an Executive Marble? One of the activities in the book is called Executive Marbles. The activity is an adaptation of a Native American game called Cherokee Marbles. The Cherokees would take the time to grind a stone into a round ball about the same size as a pool ball to use in the game. As with almost all Native American games, this one teaches a lesson: when to be patient and when to be assertive. In the book Sam suggests simply buying pool balls instead of spending 12+ hours grinding each one.

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