Custom Kit for KSU Kansas 4-H Program

Training Wheels Gear

$ 5,131.87 

This Custom Kit is for the May 29 training in Wichita, KS for Kansas Agent and Interns.  One kit is required per Extension Unit.  This Package includes the Ultimate Kit plus a few other supplemental activities that will be included in the Custom Curriculum.
Note: Please purchase this package by March 31, 2024 so we have enough time to build out the kits and get them shipped to you before the training.
The Ultimate Kit is a hearty kit that will keep you equipped for many types of programs with the ultimate selection of activities. 

Features: • 48 activity bags for over 450 different activities that provide the right combination for a wide variety of games and initiatives suitable for groups ranging from youth to corporate programs. Activities include:
Bull Ring, Key Punch, Invisible Maze / Turn over a New Leaf, Raccoon Circles/Trust Circle, Body Part Debrief, Metaphor Cards / Feelings Cards, Insanity, TP Shuffle, Tool Cards, Ricochet, Gutter Ball, Helium Pole, Tangrams, Spider Web Kit / Bungee Box- includes set up manual and activity instructions

• Ideal group size is 10 – 15 participants. Multiple groups can work from this kit, but there is only one of each activity.

• Publications: Facilitator Field Guide

• Used indoors or outdoors. Great for enhancing classroom curriculum, camp programming, and off-site activities.

• Two high-quality large wheeled duffel holds labeled prop grab bags, keeping props organized and easy to find.

• Field Guide contains activity descriptions in concise, easy-to-read instructions for all prop and non-prop activities you can do anywhere including sequence of trust activities. (Contents of Playing with a Full Deck book included in field guide).

Bonus activities include:
Comfort Zone Bullseye - 16 foot model
Comfort Zone Bullseye - 3 foot model x 3
Numbers Thumball x 3
Stack the Deck Cards x 2 (there is one included in the Ultimate Kit
4-H Debrief
Icebreaker Wheelies for Kids
Leadership Thumball x 3