Chiji Processing Dice

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$ 30.99 

These great dice make processing fun. It's an easy-to-use tool for the novice experiential educator and a fun addition to the experienced educator's processing repertoire.

Basic Instructions: The question dice are rolled in sequential order: first red, then orange, the yellow. The roll of each question die is accompanied by the roll of the blue control die.

After a group of participants is arranged in a processing circle, the facilitator asks someone in the group to roll the red and blue dice simultaneously. The blue die determines who answers the question and the red die asks the question. For example, a student named Chris tosses the dice. The blue die says, "Roller picks person." and the red die says, "What was your contribution?" This means that Chris, as the roller, picks a person in the group to state his or her contribution to the previous activity.

The questions on the red die are basic fact-finding questions, which are followed by the analysis and feeling questions of the orange die, which are followed by the transference questions of the yellow die. Each die is described in greater detail in the instruction booklet that comes with the dice.

Contents: 3 question dice (red, orange, and yellow), 1 control die (blue), 24 blank adhesive die circles (in case you'd like to customize your dice), 1 mesh bag, 1 instruction booklet.

Here is a testimonial from one of our customers:

"I love debriefing using the Chiji Dice! The Chiji Dice have made debriefing simple without us having to "think of all of the questions."

~Cynthia Ramos, Student Assistance Services Counselor, Ector County Independent School District, Odessa, Texas