Camp Themed Virtual Scavenger Hunt

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Are you looking for something fun to do with your campers in the virtual space?  Look no further!  We've designed a Camp-Themed Virtual Scavenger Hunt to help provide the camp industry with an intentional, virtual event they can do with their campers, families and staff in a remote environment.  The clues have themes of connection, friendship, teamwork to them, so not only are you having fun you are also building some necessary skills and bonding time together. 

We recommend using the Zoom platform so you can utilize the Breakout Room function.  We suggest 3-4 participants work together in small teams, that way everyone has an opportunity to contribute to solving the clues.

Upon checkout you will receive instructions via a pdf as an automatic download.  This will tell you how to get started, give you access to the Onboarding PPT Slide Deck and links to the Scavenger Hunt. Then open up a Zoom session and get playing!  To begin, there is a link to a quick video that you can show your group that will demonstrate how it works (or you can lead this yourself).  Then paste the designated Scavenger Hunt link to the clues into the Chat box for your participants to snag, open up the breakout rooms and let the Hunt begin!  

Time Needed:  You'll need about 10 minutes for the 'Onboarding' process.  Then 30 minutes for the Scavenger Hunt itself.  Then spend the last 10 minutes debriefing the experience with your team.  In 60 minutes you'll have the opportunity to work together in small groups, solve some puzzles and have some fun at the same time.  

What are you waiting for?  Let's gather 'round the campfire and PLAY!