Body Part Debrief Sets

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Body Part Original

Don't leave home without your body parts!  This activity is our absolute best seller and favorite debriefing tool. Developed by our very own Michelle Cummings, this Body Part Bag will help your group bring out their reactions to the activities of the day. Each ball can represent a different metaphor. Here are some examples of what the different parts can represent.

Heart- Name something you felt, or a feeling you experienced.
Brain- Tell the group something that you learned.
Stomach- What took guts for you to do, or pushed you outside of your comfort zone.
Hand- How the group supported you, or someone you would like to give a hand to.
Ear- Describe something you heard, or something that was hard to hear.
Eye- A vision you had for the group, or something you saw.
Smiley Face- Tell the group something that made you smile, or name some positive attributes of yourself or the group.

Comes with 7 body part balls, mesh stuff sack, and directions. The stress relievers are all made of polyurethane. Latex free.

Body Part Plus

This set of 7 balls will be a great addition to the Original Body Part Debrief. This set includes a nose, spine, foot, bone, liver, lungs and a world ball. 

Some metaphors you can use with the different parts are:

Spine: What do you consider the backbone of your family/business is?
Foot: Did you stick your foot in your mouth and say something you wish you hadn't? or What direction would you like to see the group go?
Bone: What strengths do you have? or Have you ever felt broken?
Nose: Have you ever stuck your nose in somebody else's business? Did you think that performance stunk?
Liver: Where did things break down?
Lungs: Could be used to talk about breathing, screaming, taking deep breaths, etc.
World Ball: What is the big picture? How did your actions affect others?

The stress relievers are all made of polyurethane. Latex free. Comes in a mesh stuff sack with directions.

Body Part Deluxe

This set of 14 balls is a combination of the Original Body Part Debrief and the new Body Part Plus. This set includes all 14 parts: heart, hand, eye, brain, stomach, ear, smiley face, nose, spine, foot, bone, liver, lungs and a world ball.

The stress relievers are all made of polyurethane. Latex free. Comes in a mesh stuff sack with directions.

Some of the hundreds of Organizations that LOVE this activity:
-Project PACE and Autism Spectrum Disorders
-Ridgeview Elementary School
-KidsConnect with RDI
-Rogers State University
-South Central Regional Professional Development Center
-Roger's Memorial Hospital
-YMCA Camp Seymour
-Colorado Mental Health Institute
-Lincoln Elementary School
-UNO Upward Bound
-Mountain Day Camp
-Rockford YMCA
-Developmental Connections Center


Client Testimonial:  "The Body Part Debrief is my “go-to” workshop training tool. It travels with me to every group whether youth or adults. I’ve put it to the test with getting things started …. What do you want to learn (brain) today, what do you hope to see today (eye)…I’ve done it mid-way through… this point what did you see that concerns you about your group working together, what did you hear that encourages your group….and I’ve used it as a debrief.  Groups love the activity and I love the flexibility!"  ~Facilitator Jenny Jordan, University of Georgia.

Client Testimonial:  "The body parts debrief set has made a home in our regular rotation of activities in our High School Ministry. The pieces are incredibly durable and have stood up to a few years of repeated squishing and throwing at the hands of teenagers and look just as good as day one. We definitely use the original prompts for both sets from time to time, but regularly spice it up with activities to pair the available pieces with parts of the text we are reading and explain why, or with a really active group, we'll play a little bit of "body part dodgeball" and at the end of a minute everyone grabs the piece nearest to them and answers whichever question is associated with the piece they're holding. Don't forget the added bonus of the amount of great body part puns that come with having this set around for teenagers!"  ~Kelsey Battleson, High School & Young Adult Coordinator, King of Kings Lutheran Church