Explorer Kit, K-5

Training Wheels Gear

$ 899.99 


This extraordinary kit is specifically designed for teachers and students in kindergarten through fifth grade. The Field Guide includes directions on how to facilitate over 100 energetic, comprehensive activities. The guide also contains suggestions of ways to adapt the activities for students with orthopedic impairments, hearing impairments, visual impairments and cognitive disabilities. Age appropriateness is also specified with each activity. This kit includes the book Journey Toward the Caring Classroom as part of the field guide and as an additional resource.


Some of the activities include: Have You Ever/Lilly Pads, Group Juggle, Moon Ball/Wizards and Gelflings, Marker Cones, Body Part Debrief, Hog Call, Opposite Pairs, The Way I Feel, Impression Feet, Mood Swings


Organizations that have and recommend our Explorer Kit
-Lennox School District
-North East Independent School District
-Edwardsburg Schools
-Fairfax County Department of Community and Recreation
-Tucson Air Force Base Family Services Program

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