After Care Explorer (ACE) Teambuilding Kits

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$ 1,399.99 


The A.C.E. Teambuilding Kit will enhance your after school program by providing inclusive, teambuilding activities that promote leadership and conflict resolution. By offering problem-solving challenges, students build communication skills and other healthy life skills. Quality youth development principles are presented in each activity, challenge and discussion. The activities in the ACE Teambuilding Kit provides after-care professionals with tangible tools they can immediately implement into existing programming.

This kit is filled with portable team-building games and initiatives. It includes a variety of activities that challenge, energize and re-focus any team. The activities can be tailored to the desired learning outcome of any group. This kit can be used indoors or outdoors, making it great for enhancing classroom curriculum and off-site activities. Each kit comes in a high quality wheeled duffel with all activities stored in their own grab bag, keeping props organized and easy to find. Finally, it is equipped with a field guide that has concise, easy-to-read instructions for all activities.


SMALL Kit - The Small A.C.E. Teambuilding Kit has gear and instructions for 100 teambuilding activities.  Recommended maximum group size of 30 participants. Comes in One - 36" - Heavy Duty Rolling Duffel Bag.

LARGE Kit - Large A.C.E Teambuilding Kit contains props and instructions for over 300 activities. Activities ideal for group of 8-12. This kit contains duplicates of majority of activities to accommodate groups of 15-40.  Comes in Two - 36" - Heavy Duty Rolling Duffel Bags.

Note: This items takes 2 business weeks to build before shipping. Please allot enough time to receive this item.