Facilitator Holiday Virtual Scavenger Hunt

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$ 50.00 $ 75.00


 Your Mission Should You Choose To Accept....

Are you looking for something fun this holiday season to do with your teams, families or friends in the virtual space?  Look no further!  We've designed a Holiday-Themed Virtual Scavenger Hunt to help provide everyone with an intentional, virtual event they can do with their friends, families or co-workers in a remote environment.  The clues have themes of connection, friendship, teamwork to them, so not only are you having fun you are also building some necessary skills and bonding time together. 

For $50 you get the full Asset Package including links to the Scavenger Hunt, the recording of the event that teaches you how to build out Virtual Scavenger Hunts, the Onboarding PPT slide deck and a copy of the 'back side' of the Scavenger Hunt so you can replicate your own if you want. We recommend that you participate in the scavenger hunt first as a participant.  The hunt itself takes about 40 minutes to complete.

Upon checkout you will receive instructions via a pdf as an automatic download.  This will give you the information to get playing!

Time Needed:  We recommend 75 minutes for play with your group.  It takes around 10 minutes for the 'Onboarding' process (if everyone shows up on time.).  Then 40 minutes for the Scavenger Hunt itself.  Then spend 10-15 minutes debriefing the experience.

What are you waiting for?  Let's PLAY!