Inspirational Quotes Wheelies

Check out our Your Turn at the Wheel card deck of Inspirational Quotes! 63 of Training Wheels favorite quotes we use in our programs to focus on leadership, social awareness, teambuilding, reflection, and more.

Quotes are a great way for your group to gain great understanding of each other, the experience they just participated in, and forward thinking to later application.

Our wheelies can be used in many ways. Here are a few examples:

Ice breaker exchange- Hand one card to each participant. Ask them to find a partner and share their quote. Reflect with your partner how the quote might be applicable to you. After the two have each shared their quotes and responses, have them exchange cards and find a new partner. Encourage 3-4 partner exchanges.

Journaling- There are 63 cards in this deck. Pick one card each week and spend a minimum of 15 minutes journaling thoughts about the questions. Keep all of your writings in one location to look back and see if your answers change each year.