Conflict Resolution Thumball

Here is a truly unique tool to help organizations and individuals resolve a conflict. There are 32 different conflict resolution or peer mediation questions pre-printed on the panels of the ball.

Our favorite way to use this tool is one-on-one with a participant needing to process through a conflict. Toss the ball to them, ask them to read aloud the question under their thumb, and then answer the question as it pertains to the conflict they are in.

This is also a fantastic peer mediation tool. If your program has older kids mediating conflict for younger kids, this tool provides an excellent source of questions for them to start the conversation with.

A small group variation for the Conflict Resolution Thumball is: Read the group a conflict scenario and then ask them to toss the ball around and respond to the questions based on how they would try and resolve the conflict. Ask participants to toss the Thumball to a teammate. This teammate should catch it, look under their thumb and respond to the question found there as if they were in the conflict.

Sample questions found on the Conflict Resolution Thumball:

1. What is one thing you could have done differently?
2. How would you like to see the conflict resolved?
3. How did you approach the other party?
4. Describe your initial reaction to the conflict.
5. Is there old stuff you are using to fuel this fire?
6. In the grand scheme of things, how important is this conflict?
7. Are you trying to cast blame?
8. What are you doing that is blocking the resolution of this problem?


For an alternative, you can purchase our Conflict Resolution Wheelies (62 questions to use in conflict situations).