Buzz Ring

Training Wheels Gear

$ 24.99 


This physics phenomenon will have your participants talking about the ‘Buzz Words’ of teamwork in a unique way. 

Each Buzz Ring is sold individually and includes Instructions for multiple activities.  

The Buzz Ring is a great activity to do with your group, to either start your day or end your day on. Get the "Buzz Rings" whirring on the large ring and talk about the "buzz words" that your group uses all of the time, 'teamwork' 'trust' 'communication'--get them talking more in-depth about what those words mean with the aid of the buzz ring.  

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Here are a few testimonials from a few of our customers:

"I love the Buzz Rings! The kids I work with LOVE the Buzz Rings! At the training where I learned about them, we talked about this being an activity that engages even those “too cool” kids and I have definitely found this to be true! I have used the Buzz Rings to talk about fears, esp. fear of failure, multi-tasking, and yes those ever-present “buzz words.” This is a must-have easy-to-use prop for your adventure programs!"

Lisa Berkland, ISU Extension – 4-H Youth Development Field Specialist

"I use my buzz ring with my adult groups when teaching clear and concise instructions. Depending on group size I either have them in a circle and tell them I am their new boss and I have a project for them, I then hand the buzz ring to one of the participants and say; “ make the washers on the ring vibrate and have it go around the circle.” I then tell them I have “left” the building so am not available for any questions. After a bit of not knowing what is going on and not being able to figure it out, I give them a “POOR” performance evaluation for not doing the job correctly. They of course feel slighted because my instructions were vague and ambiguous. We then debrief the importance of giving our employees clear and concise instructions for what we want to be done. I then demonstrate what it looks like to make the washers vibrate and how to hand it from person to person. You are then able to teach, coaching, counseling, problem-solving, teamwork, and so on. It's the best!"

~Ned Parks, New Directions Learning & Development


Check out this group using the Buzz Ring!