Ricochet Book

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Ricochet and Other FUN Games with an Odd-Ball. Catch it if you Can!!! This book has several activities you can play with a multi-knobbed ball. Created by Chris Cavert.


Historically the ball was designed for reaction training exercises for athletes in a variety of sports. Over the years a number of group games, both cooperative and competitive, have been developed by Chris Cavert and other active r-ball players for the energetic "ricochet ball" (or the "r-ball" as the ricochet players call it). These activities are found in this book.

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Book & Ball Combo comes with book and 2 ricochet balls. Additional Ricochet balls can be purchased through our store.

 Ricochet Balls sold separate here.

Find videos, "world records" and more at: http://www.fundoing.com/ricochet.html