50 Ways to Use Your Noodle

by Chris Cavert & Sam Sikes

The "Noodle book" is a combination of adapted activities and newly created activities that use the foam pool noodle as a prop. None of the activities is meant to do in the water. Approximately half of the book contains icebreaker and energizer games and the other half contains problem-solving activities.

FAQ: Noodles? No water?? Chris and Sam joined talents to publish this book. It seems that many camps would use noodles as a part of their swimming pool programs, but then they would have to store them away in the Fall and Winter seasons. These things can take up a lot of room. Chris and Sam put together the book so that anyone, anywhere would be able to use their noodles year-round. Besides, the things are addictively fun!

Why you must have this book!

* The games and activities are played on dry land.
* You can use your noodles all year long.
* Many original activities.
* People love to play games with noodles.
* The instructions are easy to read.
* There are pictures and diagrams for each activity.
* You are going to have FUN!

216 pages - 5.5" X 8.5"