The Roads - A Deck of Projective Cards

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$ 44.99 


A psychological tool for settings of individual therapy and group therapy.

These beautifully illustrated cards are designed for individuals or groups to describe their life journey by selecting different types of roads and placing them in an order of their choice.

The set is a helpful resource for mental health professionals working with children, adolescents or adults, having a wide range of needs.

The set includes:

✔ Deck of 60 projective cards

✔ Contain basic instructions for usage and pair nicely with The River cards.  

Suggestions from The River guidebook are applicable with minor adjustments to the Roads deck cards. 

The set was developed in order to facilitate and encourage therapeutic work on various processes in life (e.g. process of coping with illness/ death/ divorce/ relocation, ongoing phases in life/ career/ group/ rehab etc.).

The set is a unique tool for mental health professionals such as psychologists, social workers, expressive therapists, counselors  family and marital therapists, therapeutic group instructors and supervisors. Professionals working in non-therapeutic settings can benefit from working with The River set as well.