The More The Merrier

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by Sam Sikes, Faith Evans, and Chris Cavert

The More the Merrier: Lead Playful Activities With Large Groups – Why What How

The More The Merrier means that, the more players, the merrier it is! The More the Merrier means that when a lot of people play together, individual energies become a synergistic phenomenon and the combined energy of two or more players is greater than the sum of their individual effects. The sound of ten players laughing, when increased to 100 players laughing, creates a level of enjoyment and connection that engages people’s attentions and emotions in a compelling way.

The More The Merrier is a book of activities, and MORE. It’s sequentially divided into chapters leading you, from thinking about leading large groups, to actually doing it. We strive to add the underpinnings, the reasons why as well as the how. Writing this book has helped the authors be better leaders, as we translate what we often do intuitively, to a balance of words that hopefully, inform and inspire.

The More The Merrier means that more players are not an obstacle to play, but something to celebrate. In the ideal global picture, people who love to play will invite more people to play, and those players will include even more players. People laughing and playing together create an experience in common. Commonalities create connections, the invitation to further relationship. From relationship comes the possibility of understanding, acceptance, and even forgiveness. We don’t propose that large group play is an answer to world peace, though it could be a kinesthetic catalyst to peace among groups of every size.

The More The Merrier contain stories, theories, charts, guidance, and instruction, distilled from the experiences of the three authors, along with over 100 games and activities. Some will be new to you and some are classics converted from small group play to large. Similar to a smorgasbord, we invite you to take some and leave some, and be satisfied in the end.

432 pages - 8.5" x 11"