The Hundredth Monkey

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by Nate Folan and Friends

The Hundredth Monkey is a collection of the newest icebreakers, energizers, group games, and teambuilding activities from Nate Folan and Friends linked to social and emotional learning themes. More than 100 new and adapted activities conveyed in an easy to use format with suggested introductions, discussion questions, and nearly 200 variation ideas. A special chapter on sequencing models how to link activities to increase participant engagement and learning. Designed for a wide range of practitioners including camp counselors, classroom teachers, physical education teachers, counselors, therapists, and more. Adaptable for any age and any setting. There is plenty here to inspire anyone who hopes to advance the human condition. If you wish to empower people to play, laugh, connect, learn, reflect, grow, heal, achieve, perform and live fully, this activity guide is for YOU!

314 pages

Size: 8" x10"