Teambuilding Puzzles

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100 Puzzles and Activities for Creating Teachable Moments in Creative Problem Solving, Consensus Building, Leadership, Exploring Diversity, Group Decision Making, Goal Setting, Active Learning, Communication & Teamwork

by Mike Anderson, Jim Cain, Chris Cavert, and Tom Heck

Learn how to turn puzzle solving from an individual cerebral experience to a kinesthetic group activity.

From four of the country's most prolific and talented adventure-based educators comes the teambuilding resource that will change the way you conduct your next group experience. These puzzles, activities and challenges teach valuable life skills from the classroom to the boardroom, and will be remembered long after the puzzles have been solved.

The puzzles in this book require creative problem solving abilities, cooperation, communication and occasionally shear luck to solve. Some are straight forward and will yield to inquiring minds. Some provide a bit of the 'aha!' effect and often have a surprise solution, which in itself creates a wonderful teachable moment. Others are just plain tough and require the use of team skills to succeed. But no matter the level of difficulty, each of these puzzles offers a 'teachable moment' and some excellent opportunities for team discussion and reflection.