Stack the Deck Cards - 52 Card Pick Up

Training Wheels Gear

$ 49.99 

This custom deck of cards has multiple activities on them and are designed so that you only need one prop to lead a day long workshop. Now that's a powerful prop! 
One side of the cards is a regular deck of jumbo playing cards, so there are at least 52 activities you could do with this side. See the book Playing With a Full Deck (in our Book Section) for full instructions for these 52 activities. On the other side there are multiple images, questions and activities ranging from ice-breakers to problem solving initiatives to debriefing tools. Directions for 20 activities are included with the deck. Don't leave home without them!
Card size:  5.5" x 4.25"

Activity breakdown:
  • Icebreaker mingle questions
  • 52 Card Pick Up (a new way to play a no-so-fun game from when you were a kid)
  • Metaphor Cards
  • Multiple problem solving and communication activities using playing cards

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