Mini Metaphors

Training Wheels Gear

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This unique activity was created by Jennifer Stanchfield.

This set of small processing objects are a great way to get your group thinking metaphorically during your debrief.

Ideas for Using Miniature Metaphors:

Individual Methods: have each group member choose a charm that represents one of the following ideas:
*A goal they have for the upcoming experience
*A personal strength or positive quality they bring to the group
*Their role during an activity
*A key learning they will take away
Consider allowing participants to keep the charm as a memento of their experience.

Group Consensus Methods:
Ask the group to agree on one of the following ideas:
*An object that best represents their experience as a group, the strengths of a group, or something they have achieved together.
*Three or four objects to tell a story of the group's journey, where the group started, where they have gone, and where they hope to go next.

Use your creativity--the possibilities are endless!