Lycra Tube

Training Wheels Gear

$ 128.99 

The lycra tube is 5 yards of lycra sewn into a loop that provides millions of yards of fun! The lycra tube can be used for a variety of activities to encourage group processing and debriefing, balance, cooperation, and just plain fun. There are about a dozen activities you can do with your lycra tube. An activity sheet will accompany your order. Colors and patterns will vary! 

Here's a testimonial from one of our customers:

"We have put our Lycra Tube through a vigorous test of multiple groups participating in any game you could possibly think of, plus more. Upon receiving our Lycra Tube we introduced it to our program and found that not only do our staff and customers love to participate with it, it is definitely a quality product, backed with quality service. In time we will certainly be purchasing more Lycra Tubes from Training-Wheels. Thanks for the great product!"

~Nick Mears, Camp Yamhill Challenge Course, Yamhill Oregon