Insanity! Activity

Training Wheels Gear

$ 89.99 


The Insanity Activity kit includes directions for 4 incredible activities:  Insanity, Lines of Communication, Minefield and Falling Stars.

Insanity:  The definition of Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Group members will definitely feel this way during the activity unless they think outside of the box for a creative solution. This quick problem solving activity requires a paradigm shift of the group in order to successfully complete the task.

Lines of Communication:  This higher-level activity requires three different groups with three different communication challenges to all work towards one goal.  The structure of the activity is set up as a hierarchical scenario where information comes from top management, gets filtered through middle managers and then the ‘workers’ have to try and figure out who is communicating with them and what their task is.  

Minefield:  This communication and trust activity will have partners working together to keep one another 'safe' while walking with their eyes closed.

Falling Stars:  This task sounds ridiculously easy, but in reality it is very hard to accomplish.  This activity will challenge participants to dig deep and really work together to complete the task.

This activity includes 5 webbing circles, 40 soft, stress reliever balls, activity instructions for fouractivities and a mesh stuff sack.

Here is a testimonial from one of our customers:

"So, my favorite has to be Insanity! Where else do participants get to go from one extreme of running (or walking fast) and stealing balls from each other in this chaotic mess to stopping and realizing the key to success for this activity is that everyone can win. I love it, they go from crazy running and mess to slowly walking their circles together and all “winning!” It is one of my favorite activities."

~Theresa Salus, Associate Director, Girl Scouts of Chicago