Group Juggle Activity

Training Wheels Gear

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A dynamic bag of 15 various tossable items to meet all your tossing needs. This activity comes with tossables and directions to multiple activities. Our favorite and most well know activity shown below:


Type of Activity: Name Game/Problem-Solving

Props Needed: Various sizes and shapes of tossable objects

Set Up: Have your group stand in a circle and include yourself in the circle. Instruct them that they need to establish a throwing pattern.

Process: The facilitator starts the pattern and tosses the ball to someone across from them in the circle. Then that person throws the ball to someone across the circle from them that has not received the ball yet. Continue this process until everyone has received the ball one time. The last person to receive the ball throws it back to the facilitator. After one ball has circulated through the system, ask the group if they remember who they threw it to and who threw it to them. You may want to practice the pattern one more time to make sure everyone remembers.

Once the pattern is established pick up 3 balls/items. Tell the group you are going to add a few balls to the pattern but to continue throwing and receiving to/from the same people. When the group is ready start with the first ball, wait a few seconds and throw the second ball into the pattern, wait a few more seconds and throw the third ball into the pattern. After all three balls circulate through the pattern ask the group how they thought they did.

After some discussion, ask them how many balls they think they could successfully keep going at one time. (Hence the group juggle!) Let the group set a goal around how many items they think they can do. Then give them as many attempts as you see fit for them to accomplish their goal.

Variations: This can be a great name game. Have each person come up with an alliteration that goes with the name they go by.

Have the group recall who they were receiving the object from. For this round the participants will throw half the objects in the original direction and the other half the in opposite direction. Same rules apply that only one object can be in hands at a time.

Debriefing Topics: • How successful do you think the group was at this activity? • What was difficult? • What were some helpful tricks you learned? • How many different things do you juggle in your life on a daily basis? • What are some things that you juggle? • What happens at work/school/home when someone ‘drops the ball’? Who picks up the slack? • Who do you lean on for support to help you with the many things you juggle?