Foundation Debrief

Training Wheels Gear

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Another innovative debriefing tool is the Foundation Debrief. Set these parts out in front of your group to set the stage for targeted metaphoric processing. These parts can be used individually for more targeted discussions, or as a complete set to allow for more participant creativity in their responses.

Puzzle Piece: What is your piece of our team puzzle? What piece do you want to take away from today?

Light Bulb: What new ideas do you have?

Question Mark: What questions do you have for the group?

Brick: What is the foundation of this team?

YinYang: Yin and yang are complementary opposites within a greater whole. For instance, winter is yin to summer's yang over the course of a year, and femininity is yin to masculinity's yang in human relationships. It is impossible to talk about yin or yang without some reference to the opposite.

In what ways does our group complement each other? How are we different?

Consider asking your group to discuss communication and learning styles with the YinYang:

Do you:
• Avoid Conflict or Confront Conflict
• Express Frustrations or Keep Frustrations to myself
• Take a leadership role or Allow others to lead
• I calm the waters or I stir the pot

Newspaper: What do you want to tell others about this experience? What would your headline read about today's experience in tomorrow's newspaper?

Bandage: Do we need to tend to any wounds, physical or emotional? What part of our team needs the most attention right now? Where are we vulnerable? Are we 'covering' anything up?

The stress relievers are all made of polyurethane. Latex free.

7 parts packaged in a 5x8 inch, snazzy stuff sack. ~Created by Michelle Cummings