Facilitated Growth Kit

Training Wheels Gear

$ 3,999.99 

The Facilitated Growth Kit contains all of the props needed to facilitate the activities in the Facilitated Growth book.   There are two large rolling duffels full of the specific props and gear you will need to set yourself and your meetings up for success.


The hearty Kit is for facilitators and professionals who work with people in the process of recovery and wellness. It is filled with useful tools and experiential activities that are sure to liven up your next group meeting.  We firmly believe that if you are bored with your group meetings, guess who else is bored?  Your participants!  However, if you are excited, energized, and inspired then your participants will be as well – and you will observe a noticeable change in their journey. The experiential approach in Facilitated Growth is sure to bring a new energy and excitement into your recovery and wellness work.

Experiential activities provide an opportunity to intentionally surface behaviors or scenarios that happen in the real world in a more controlled environment.  Walking participants through the process of what happened, why it is important, and how it impacts the future is an important part of the recovery process.  We invite you to explore the intentional use of experiential activities in your recovery and wellness practice.     

Features: • 38 activity bags for over 80 different activities that provide the right combination for a wide variety of Experiential Activities suitable for your next recovery and wellness group. Activities include:
7-Up, Body Part Deluxe, Bull Ring Cup Stack, Clean & Messy, conflict Animals, Coping with the Stuck Points, Emotional Jenga, Fabric Check In, Group Juggle, Gutterball, Have You Ever, Helium Pole, Human Knot, Thumball Collection, Knot Exchange, Labyrinth, Lycra Tube, Mask Making, Mousetrap Trust Sequence, Pokerface, Serenity Prayer Shuffle, Spot It Cards, Tell a Story cards, Toxic Waste, UFO Ball, Wizards & Gelflings, Pens & Markers, Change Debrief, Gem Story, Craft Supplies, Metaphor Cards, Inukshuk Supplies, The Other Side, Dry Erase Sheets and a copy of the book, Facilitated Growth- which includes all activity instructions

• Ideal group size is 15 – 30 participants. Multiple groups can work from this kit, but there is only one of each activity.

• Publications: Facilitated Growth

• Used indoors or outdoors. Great for enhancing current group meetings, retreats and off-site activities.

• Two high quality large wheeled duffel holds labeled prop grab bags, keeping props organized and easy to find.

We know this kit will add an extreme amount of value to your program. Keep in mind we can also come out and teach you how to set up and facilitate the activities in the kit. Please email us for more information about Training.
Note: This item can take up to 5 business days to build before shipping. Please allow enough time to receive this item.  If you have questions please call us at 888.553.0147