Everywhere a Sign Postcard Kit

Training Wheels Gear

$ 49.95 


This carefully curated collection of unique postcard images captures a group’s attention and inspires meaningful reflection and conversation. The postcard collection is popular with teachers, counselors, trainers and group facilitators looking to start off a class, training session, advisory or team-building program with style, or as a way to reflect or celebrate the strengths and achievements of individuals or the group. The postcards can be an impactful tool for vision setting, helping participants resolve conflict or establish group norms, or as a dialogue prompt in restorative justice circles. They inspire creative writing and can be used as journaling prompts for self-reflection. The Everywhere a Sign Postcard Kits are a compelling and engaging tool for practicing the use of metaphor and figurative language.

People often find it easier to express themselves through a picture rather than through verbal means. Because participants can talk about the object or image rather than about themselves directly, they sometimes express thoughts that would otherwise be left unsaid. The thoughts, ideas and connections inspired by the imagery lead to broader and deeper reflection sessions than when using dialogue alone.

Ideas for Using the Everywhere a Sign Postcard Kit:

  • To begin a group, or facilitate Introductions and goal-setting
  • As an engaging reflection or processing activity
  • For individual reflection or writing prompts
  • To stimulate group dialogue and consensus
  • For group goal setting or as a tool for creating group norms agreements

Postcards can be used with learners of all ages in group building, therapy, coaching or academic settings. Use your creativity, the possibilities are endless.

Set includes a decorative box and facilitation ideas.  50 cards per set