Cup It Up - Team Building with Cups

Training Wheels Gear

$ 19.99 


by Chris Cavert and Barry W. Thompson

Delivering fun activities that promote positive behaviors, the activities in this book were designed to promote conversations and questions about keeping our cup filled with knowledge and awareness. These teambuilding activities simply use the famous red plastic cup, normally used at parties, to help promote trust, commitment, collaboration, accountability and communication. This book helps a leader, trainer, teacher or facilitator to add more activities into their tool belt to help guide teams to higher success. The book will guide you in how to run and facilitate the activities. Each activity comes with suggested questions to help you bring deeper and meaningful conversations when facilitating. Also included are variations that you can change to activity to bring different results. We hope that you will continue to be inspired by the Red Plastic Cup. Not only for parties and play but also to encourage, to teach and to help others grow and learn for themselves.

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