Blind Shapes

Training Wheels Gear

$ 79.99 


One of our favorite activities that fosters the topics of curiosity or diversity is Blind Shapes.

Activity comes with:
36 hand dyed wooden shapes
1 nylon bag
1 activity write up with debriefing questions.

Have each participant reach into a bag and without looking, pull out one shape and put it behind their back.  As the facilitator, be vague with your directions on purpose.  Figuring out what to do is a part of the game.  Tell the group to 'Find your people!' and see what happens.  Curiosity, fostered!

Have a diverse group? This is a perfect diversity awareness and bullying prevention activity. This initiative will allow your participants to be aware of they way they treat each other-specifically those who do not 'look' like them. The debriefing session after this activity holds the real power--it comes complete with a suggested list of questions to ask your participants.

Here is a testimonial from one of our customers:

"Blind Shapes is an amazing tool for working with any type of group. It is easy to pack and requires almost no space at all, indoors or out! Themes around how we use communication, assumptions that get in the way, differences/inclusion and how we organize around a problem solving task are all potential debrief points offered by this activity. I have successfully used this with both adults and teens, in profit and non-profit settings. The Training Wheels Blind Shapes offer the option of choosing simpler shapes for those group needing a little less of a challenge to the more complex shapes for those groups who need it. A must have!!"

Marianne Scippa, President, Scippa & Associates, Inc