Postcard Processing Kit

Pick a Postcard

Newly Redesigned and Updated Metaphorical Pick-a-Postcard Set from Experiential Tools


The Experiential Tools classic Pick-a-Postcard deck has a brand-new design, an expanded collection of photographs by Jen Stanchfield, and carefully curated historical images. 


The updated and expanded version of the popular Pick-a-Postcard set from Experiential Tools includes:

  • 50 unique and historical metaphorical imagery postcards photographed and curated by Jen Stanchfield— now in a thicker card stock
  • A postcard caption on the reverse side suitable for reflective writing or mailing—all on high-quality heavy card stock locally and sustainably printed in Vermont
  • A newly redesigned decorative and sturdy USA-made and sustainable box
  • Facilitation Ideas to inspire meaningful reflection, engagement, communication, and community-building


These compelling metaphoric postcards inspire meaningful reflection, conversation, and connection. This visually appealing and high-quality collection is popular with teachers, counselors, trainers, and group facilitators looking to start a class, training session, advisory, or team-building program with style or as a way to celebrate the strengths and achievements of individuals or the group and create lasting lessons through meaningful reflection.