Year In Review Cards

Many people sit down at the end of the year and write out a Holiday Letter describing what they did over the last year. This unique collection of cards provides an image and thought provoking questions around the different holidays and special events in our lives. Providing a tangible image and question upon which participants can attach their thoughts helps give their ideas substance and shape in more profound depth. A Year In Review Cards are useful as introductory activities, for processing a specific experience, or for journaling. A Year In Review Card Activities are appealing to participants, can be used in many different ways, and are appropriate for all age groups.

Each card has an image relating to a US National Holiday and two questions associated with each holiday. Here are a few examples:

Martin Luther King Jr Day
This card has a picture of Martin Luther King Jr on one side and these two questions printed on the back:
1. What is one cause you believe in?
2. What human right would you participate in a march to show your support?

President's Day
1. What is one office you would like to hold?
2. What is one decision the President made this year that you supported? Disagreed with?

Thanksgiving Day
1. What are you thankful for?
2. Describe something that 'carved' away at your time this year.

Ideas for Use:
Ice breaker exchange: Hand one card to each participant. Ask them to find a partner and share one question from the back of their card. After the two have each shared a question and answer, have them exchange cards and find a new partner. Encourage 3-4 partner exchanges.

Hot Seat: Have 5 participants volunteer to come forward and stand (or sit in chairs) in front of group.  Facilitator reads aloud one question; all five answer the same question (or choose to pass).  Continue this process for several questions and then choose 5 new people to be in the "hot seat".  This version of "hot seat" was inspired by a similar activity at Camp Wingate-Kirkland, Yarmouth Port, MA.

Journaling: Many people sit down at the end of the year and write out a Holiday Letter describing what they did over the last year. With 52 cards in the deck there is one card for each week of the year to journal about.

Same cards - new questions to process a day of training or a specific activity.  For example, "New Years Day" could be, "What goals did you have at the beginning of the training/activity?  How will the group hold itself accountable for achieving its goals in the upcoming days and weeks?"  "Veterans Day" could be, "How did you give back to your group today?  Who in your group would you like to honor for their contribution to the success of the activity?

52 laminated cards in a snazzy mesh envelope. Instructions included.