bull ring

Training Wheels Gear

$ 26.99 


The challenge is to carry a small ball using the bull ring and multiple strings through a series of obstacles and place the ball onto the goal, a plastic stand.

One bull ring, small ball, 1 plastic stand, directions, and mesh stuff sack included.

Here is a testimonial from one of our customers:

"The bull ring has become tradition for our intership training program. New interns are required to work with one another navigating a path through our college campus. Themes of reliability, personal investment, self-policing, peer feedback, leadership, and encouragement seem to rise to the top of debrief discussions afterwards. Those on campus have come to anticipate the intern bull ring walk and it is now an expected way to begin identifying the new interns as related to the campus. Everyone knows who the year's interns are by who is manning the bull ring. The interns reflect on and use the bull ring experience throughout the year in relationship to their positions. Observing students, faculty, staff, interns, and visitors - everyone benefits and feels more connected from the experience."
Stephanie Neilan,
Communications Manager,
Warner Pacific College


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