Wheelies 5-Pack

Training Wheels Gear

$ 115.99 

The Training Wheels Questions 5 Pack is a set of each of our Icebreaker, Leadership, Inspirational Quote, Debriefing and Conflict Resolution Wheelies.

Are you tired of asking the same questions to get your group thinking? Here is a unique collection of questions that will breathe new life into your question and answer sessions.

Icebreaker: Deck full of 65 questions to get your group talking and getting to know each other at a deeper level. Question include: "What is the best $100 you ever spent?", "Who's a role model for you and why?", "What is your favorite restaurant?", etc.

Leadership: 65 amazing questions that focus on leadership role models, skills, techniques, and challenges. Perfect for leadership development with groups and individuals.

Conflict Resolution: Here is a truly unique tool to help organizations and individuals resolve a conflict. There are 60 different conflict resolution or peer mediation questions.

Inspirational Quotes: 65 of Training Wheels favorite quotes we use in our programs to focus on leadership, social awareness, teambuilding, reflection, and more. Quotes are a great way for your group to gain great understanding of each other, the experience they just participated in, and forward thinking to later application.

Debriefing: This deck helps facilitators ask debriefing questions in a proper sequence that makes sense to participants. It can also shift some of the responsibility for successful processing from the facilitator to the participants. The sequence of 1) What happened, 2)Why is this important, and 3) How can I use this information, not only takes participants through a progression for processing a specific event, but also presents a fun and unique way for participants to debrief themselves. The cards are color coded to help identify what order to answer the questions in.

Our favorite way to use these cards is to let the participants share their card in partner exchange. Hand one card to each participant. Ask them to find a partner and share their response to the question, statement, or quote on their card. After the two have each shared their response and/or thoughts, have them exchange cards and find a new partner. Encourage 6-7 partner exchanges.