Tips & Tools, 2nd edition

Tips & Tools:  The Art of Experiential Group Facilitation, 2nd edition  by Jennifer Stanchfield M.S., CTRS

The first edition of Tips & Tools, published almost a decade ago, was embraced
enthusiastically by seasoned experiential educators and training professionals
seeking inspiration, new perspectives, and an insightful overview of
experiential learning. We have received a great deal of positive feedback from
readers who have made this book their go-to resource, sharing Tips & Tools
with students, clients, and colleagues to enhance the art of group facilitation
and teaching.

The second edition of Tips & Tools eclipses the first with insights gained from
another decade of experience in group facilitation and new information
coming from the field of educational neuroscience. As a result, the ideas and
methods focused on active engagement, ownership in learning, and facilitating
meaningful reflection have been greatly expanded. The layout of information
is more effective—experiential theory and perspectives, hands-on activities,
and teachable moments flow from one chapter to the next—making this edition
an essential resource for practicing and teaching the art of experiential group

“Jen Stanchfield’s genius as a facilitator is key to this second
edition of Tips & Tools. It is an opportunity for anyone who reads
the book to learn from a genuine, world-class, master facilitator.
I endorse it with great enthusiasm and excitement.”
—Jasper S. Hunt, PhD, Professor of Experiential Education & Leadership
Studies, Minnesota State University, Mankato

“For the first time in almost 30 years of practice, I have a text
that I can wholeheartedly give to my students to learn about
experiential facilitation. I appreciate how this edition is sequenced.
I love the field notes and their placement. Still and all,
the best book out there for students to learn about the how-to’s
and why-we-do’s of experiential facilitation. Well done!”
—Tony Alvarez, LMSW, University of Michigan School of Social
Work, UNH SSW Adjunct Faculty, Alvarez Consulting LLC